The Ferrum Group

Innovation through experience – Expertise through tradition

The Ferrum Group combines the two subsidiaries Ferrum Packaging AG and Ferrum Process Systems AG and provides innovative products and services with unbeatable quality. The Ferrum Group is headquartered in Switzerland and has partner companies and representatives all over the world. The range of products and services offered by the Ferrum Group is broadly diversified and is used by numerous industries. Worldwide operations on all continents, solid internal financing, and financial independence all ensure that the group is well positioned with an excellent outlook for the future.

Innovation through experience – Expertise through tradition

Why we are the best

The Ferrum Group employs around 800 people worldwide, and every single one of them has the experience, skills, and expertise that make us stand out from the competition. To put it another way, our employees make the difference.

Where we are

The Ferrum Group runs its own locations in Rupperswil and Schafisheim (Switzerland); Milwaukee, WI and Waukesha, WI (USA); Kunshan (China); Ambernath (India); São Paulo (Brazil); Vilsbiburg (Germany) and Wronki (Poland).

Who we are

Ferrum is a family business that has been considered a synonym for top performance and quality in numerous industries for decades. And for good reason: Our employees’ extensive know-how for starters, but also our comprehensive expertise, trendsetting technologies, and a constant drive towards innovation.

What we do

Ferrum is an industry leader and works hard to maintain this status. To do this, we bet on innovation in our products and services in order to be able to provide our customers with unrivaled added value. Moreover, our products stand out because of their durability and extensive expansion options, resulting in safe investments.

Ferrum makes the difference

Anyone working at Ferrum quickly notices that the company is truly ahead of the pack. Ferrum team members are surrounded by co-workers with extensive quality training and experience. And this is an absolute necessity, as the company’s demanding quality standards require top performance from everyone. Needless to say, this top performance benefits our customers directly – and that’s the difference between Ferrum and other players in the industry.

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