• Information to all our clients

    False and misleading information by Chinese manufacturing companies

  • Certificate InertoSafe® SIL 2

    Certrification of the independent inertisation systems "InertoSafe® SIL 2" and "InertoSafe® SIL 2 fast purge" including controller.

  • No end goes missing

    Ferrum programs the S7-1200 Control for its can seamer with TIA Portal

  • Rating Certificate Ferrum Ltd.

    In 2013, Ferrum Ltd. has once again been awarded the D&B Rating Certificate, the quality certification seal for reliability and stability, as a company ranked in the lowest risk class.

  • FerruClean sets hygienic standards

    With the installation of a F812 FerruClean Can Seamer at Olvi Oyj in Finland Ferrum sets a forward-looking milestone concerning hygiene.

  • Rating Certificate Ferrum Ltd.

    The recently established D&B Rating Certificate is the quality certification seal for commerce and stands for both reliability and stability.

Seam and More | Whether for beverages or food products - the right can seamer for every branch and every application.

The art of separation |  Innovation and experience for exceptional solutions - centrifuges for efficient solid-liquid separation

Perfect dimensions | With competent expertise and consulting services - for ready-to-install grey and nodular iron castings.

Sophisticated and precise |
Whether for cutting-shaping or welding processes – Ferrum stands for absolute precision.

All-round clean and competent | CLEAN SOLUTIONS in commercial washing technology for textile logistics and laundries

Innovation based on Experience - Welcome to Ferrum

Ferrum Ltd.: four different business units united under one roof, supplying a huge variety of industrial sectors with products and services that form the base for countless end user products. The widely diversified product range reduces the financial risks. Worldwide activities on every continent, a high level of self-financing and economic independence ensure that the company will continue to enjoy a strong position with excellent prospects also in the future.